Live Simply and Healthy

This blog is intended to share healthy tips on how to live according to the principles guided by Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah (Peace be upon him) who was regarded as the healthiest human on Earth. So it is in our best interest in living our every day life referring to the basics guidance created by The Highest and Most Glorified Al Mighty ALLOH  and shown to mankind by His Messenger whether it comes to sleeping, exercising, eating, drinking, or healing. Healthy living shouldn’t feel like a chore, that’s why the blog focuses on little steps that could be taken to make big differences in the long term.

The writer created this blog by applying these principles with a modern twist to make it practicable in today’s world. He is a continuous-learner on Thibbun Nabawy (Prophet Muhammad pbuh Medication) and Healthy-Living Practitioner; who wanted to share the good news that to live sustainably healthy is not impossible in the present world.