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According to the Best Man in the World

Ever heard about Diet that offers no restriction, a diet that does not a specific product to consume, a diet that you can do at your own pace while still losing weight, a diet that does not need calories counting, a diet that is healing and cleansing so you have more life expectancy, a diet that is simple (literally!), cheap, and easy to follow, and finally a diet that make you do not want to come back to your old habit even if you want to!

Let’s talk about it further. According to Aragon M.S. The Men’s Health Nutrition Advisor, the best diet is a diet that can help you lose weight, build muscle, and live longer. Is that kind of diet even existed? Many people have claimed that their diet invention could help an individual to lose weight and reach a healthy state. However many people have also claimed that it needs huge willpower to sustain the lifestyle, as it is not easy to get the food you need, or you need a specific product to consume to make your diet successful. Those restrictions that we find in famous diet lifestyle also drains our willpower so we do not really enjoy our meal time. For many people who don’t get the expected result usually fail to follow the diet in the middle, or only follow partly since it is almost impossible to cook or to get the required ingredients to follow the calories requirement anytime, anywhere. Another fact that we can find in many famous diet is that you need to have specific food which dominant in certain nutrition but limiting another food thus lacking of other nutrition.

The Diet I will share in this e-book is not a new diet, and it has existed since at least 14 centuries ago. It was originated from Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (pbuh) who is claimed as the Most Influential Person in Men history, and the Healthiest man ever alive. He was only sick twice throughout his life, was always in an ideal weight, fit and well posture. What i am writing in this book is introducing the secret of The Messenger pbuh lifestyle and diet that had been proven working since many centuries ago even until now. Most importantly is i will show you how you can follow the diet step by step at your own pace.

There is no instant success to get what you aim for, you need commitment and hard work. Everything starts small first and grow. This is also the principle I applied in this book so it is easy to follow. This book combines research result, experts’ opinion, Nutritionist, also the Islamic Medical Therapist (Ibn Nabawy). Many has realised the benefit of this Diet, so we believe you will too!

Think Positively

Brain is an organ that we can control. Did you know that It is not brain which can control our behaviour or our willpower, but our heart. Yes, brain has  nerves to store memory based on past experiences, or getting thicker in certain part that has dominance in our life based on talent, or our interest such as music, logical thinking, or muscle memories (e.g. for athletes who have practiced for so long that it automates their movement in sport), but brain cannot decide alone. Brain needs trigger which comes from our heart.

We think with our heart, whatever happens to our life is 20% based on external situation but 80% based on our reaction (or we always perceive this as our “decision”) pertaining to the external situation happening to us. When we want to be successful than we need to think as a successful person. When we want to move forward then we need to think forward. We need to think where we want to be and keep adjusting our thinking when we reach our milestone, to reach another milestone. Stephen Covey through his Book, 7th Habit of Highly Effective People said to Begin with End in mind, which means your action should be determined based on your end vision. When you decide your perfect Sunday is to complete reading one  personal development book, then your brain will find ways to read the book. Keep reinforcing that vision when you are distracted to stay in course and you will find that you are done with the book!

Positive thinking creates positive attitude that creates positive habit, it all begins from how you think. Start with thinking for your dream, and then start taking small action, develop the small actions into bigger actions through continuous improvement every time you take an action to reach your dream. When you want to reduce your weight by 25 kg by end of the year then start taking new small action in the next morning. Wake up earlier by 5 mins to exercise. Start with walk more steps, and then the next week wake up earlier by 10 mins to jog, and then further 15 mins earlier to run. Build your willpower slowly to reduce weight with small steps, and keep the positive thinking that you can do it. The smaller step you take, the easier you can maintain consistency and discipline to act on new habit to reach your goal.

Rasulullah pbuh mentioned to always pray to ALLOH the Highest and Merciful to reach your dream. Qur’an also mentions for us to pray as ALLOH will grant our will, through Al Mu’min ayah 60 “Call Me and I shall respond to you”. Praying encourages hope and optimism for Muslim. Regular praying creates new confidence as we rely more and more to ALLOH. New confidence creates new nerves in your brain, which according to Roy F Baumeister and John Tierney in their book, Willpower: Why Self Control is the Secret of Success, the thicker the nerves the easier for you to take action to reach our dream until the action becomes automatic then you don’t even have to use your willpower as it becomes new habit. When you pray that you can pass an examination, then you will have more confidence to prepare the exam and diligently study until you are fully prepared. Remember, ALLOH measures our effort and always gives best result to His servant who does his best and tawwakal (rely the final result to ALLOH).

dr. Ali Toha Assegaf stated in his book 365 Healthy Tips according to Rasulullah, The more positive our thinking, the lesser qalbu diseases in our heart (negative attitude that triggers illness) such as arrogance, jealousy, and pessimism. These attitudes trigger depression and overwhelming stress, threatening the kidneys, lunges and heart that potentially leads to stroke .

Worry not, we have ALLOH SWT who will always help us, fulfil our needs and relieve our pains, as long as we keep positive, do our best, and pray. Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us), Qur’an Al ‘Imran 173.

Dates and Olive Oil


Dates and Olive Oil are among the best food that have tremendous benefits to our body. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said that if a house does not have any dates then it is the same in not having any food at home at all. When you have nothing to eat but still want to have a quick and fulfilling breakfast then eat 3 up to 7 dates in the morning. Eating 1 date would be able to last you 8 hours of not eating, which is why Prophet Muhammad pbuh  once said that you could eat Sahur (meal before dawn during fasting) with only with 1 date. Date extract can help to strengthen your joints and repair your muscles after intensely working out as it has the energy to boost body recovery. Several friends and myself experienced excessive-fatigue after playing sports but drinking three tablespoons of dates extract (sometimes combined with honey) at night made us waking up energised with much less muscle soreness in the morning .

For breastfeeding moms dates are traditionally used to promote breast milk production with a higher nutrition content. It is recommended to take at least three tablespoon of date extract three times a day to increase breast milk production. All Praises to God, my wife recently just had a baby and succeeded to produce breast milk naturally at a pretty good amount, and recovered quickly after giving birth since she eats dates and drinks dates extract since she was pregnant. The miracle of dates has been mentioned in the Qur’an. She [Maryam] said, “Oh if only I had died before this time and was something discarded and forgotten!” A voice called out to her from under her, “Do not grieve! Your Lord has placed a small stream at your feet. Shake the trunk of the palm towards you and fresh, ripe dates will drop down onto you. Eat and drink and delight your eyes…” (Qur’an, 19:23-26).

Olive oil is very useful for the daily nutrition of your skin, hair, and smoothen your digestion. According to a book written by Robert J.Davis, PhD,  Coffee is Good for you, olive oil contains antioxidants and high in monounsaturated fat whilst lower in polyunsaturated fat which are considered “good” fats that may reduce the risk of heart disease. Dr Ali Toha Assegaf in his book, Smart Book: Healthy in Islam Way, wrote olive oil can rejuvenate your skin and cure itches. Olive oil can also prevent food poisoning, support digestion, prevent allergies, strengthen gum and teeth and prevent constipation.

Personally, I drink olive oil every day in the morning before breakfast. It helps me to have a regular bowel movements. I also used to have a lot of scars on my skin due to allergies to protein, but since I drink olive oil regularly the scars are almost gone and smoothens my skin. In addition, it helps my hair to prevent hair loss and reduce white hair. To have stronger effect to your hair, you can use Olive oil as hair gel or even conditioner. This will in result makes your hair shinier and stronger with its vitamin A and E ( Rasulullah pbuh The Messenger himself was known to use olive oil for hair gel and to use in his food.  Rasulullah (SAW) said: “use olive oil in your food and for massage for it’s from a blessed tree”.

My family has been using dates and olive oil for health purposes, for its energising and toxic cleansing affects. Dates and olive oil were very beneficial during my wife’s pregnancy for it’s nutritious content for baby growth and helped to reduce allergic impacts on my son’s skin from protein or seafood through breastfeeding.

The Water Unseen

Our body contains more than 70% of water, thus very critical component that regulates all organs. According to dr. Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf in his book Smart and Healthy in Islam Way, water hydrates us, help us maintain our metabolism, promote detoxification, and cells’ restoration.

Beside hydrating us, Dr Masaru Emote also wrote in his book, The True Power of Water, water could also help us for healing therapy and impacts directly to smallest subatomic component of cells which cause disease and cure us faster, and without any side effect. How cool is that?!

While it is more commonly known that cancer can be cured with chemotherapy which is expected to kill cancer cells, but at the same time healthy cells are also damaged or even killed, and negatively impacts to us with hair loss, weakening antibody, and muscles deformation . Alternative medication with water therapy is believed to cure many diseases including cancer without all the symptoms of above. Scientist has proven that if we play continuous calm and soothing sound nearby the water, such as classical music or natural sound of trees, whales,  or mountain, the structure of water will form a very beautiful crystal. Usually the therapist will always add with positive enforcement words such as “Yes you can be cured!” or “Let’s get better” to the water, and with continuous prayer concentrated to the water,  patients with cancer drink that beautifully-crystallised water will strengthen healthy cells in the body to fight against cancer cells. Insya ALLOH

Based on the pictures posted by Dr Masaru Emoto, water responded to words, sounds, and thought and emotion. It is far from inanimate, it is alive. The Highest and Merciful, ALLOH has said in Qur’an Al Anbiya 30:

Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?

My experience has been very positive with water helping to cure illness for myself, my wife and children. Here are some tips that are already proven, at least for me, many times:

  1. When your family ask your help to bring glass of water, don’t return the request by ask them to do it themselves, but immediately use this opportunity to recite Al Fatihah while pouring the water from Dispenser. The water will be healthier and impact positively to our family. Thanks to my friend, Mas Andi Maulana for sharing this tips.
  2. When you want to prepare hot water for your kids to take a bath, you may also recite Al Fatihah to the water, but remember do not do it in the bathroom.
  3. When you or your family has stomachache, immediately take honey at least 2 tablespoon and recite AL Fatihah 7x to your water and drink it. If you get diarrhoea then do the above every time you finish your bathroom business.
  4. When you or your family have fever, immediately recite Al Fatihah 1x to the water and then drink it, and then take 2 tablespoon of honey. After that, prepare another 2 glasses of warm water and recite Al Fatihah 1x, Al Ikhlash 3x, Al Falaq 1x, An Nas 1x, Ayah Kursi 1x and then take one glass to drink, and put the water to a towel to make it damp and wipe it all over your body. Do that again when you still feel the fever higher.

Water is critical to our body, here are some tips from Lutfil Kirom Az-Zumaro in his book “The Miracle of Water with Qur’an Prayer” how use water for our health:

  1. Drink 8 – 10 glasses of room temperature water every day. Avoid cold water as much as possible it will ruin the digestion process. I suggest to take cold water only when you have empty stomach but when your body is not heated (after taking a hot water bathing, or exercise, or from hot weather outdoor)
  2. Combine water therapy and prayers when you are sick. This creates stronger dependence to The Ultimate Healer ALLOH. There is no healing but from God.
  3. Always Thank to God on Water as one of the most important creature, preserve and use wisely. Rain is a blessing to us, always praise God and pray during rain.
  4. Drink only when you sit down. This position is healthier, more comfortable and fresh as the water will flow down gently from your throat and to your stomach. Rasulullah The Messenger pbuh said “I forbade you to drink when you are standing up” (HR. Muslim). Although there is other hadith saying that it is not totally forbidden to drink while standing, but I believe it is a clear message that better to drink while sitting.

Enough to say, water is not only an ordinary material, it is alive, it brings so much benefit, has extra-ordinary power and magical wonders to our live.

Light up your brain!


The brain is an essential organ and acts like the mastermind that regulates the body’s functions. Like other muscles in your body, you also need to exercise your brain. The brain stores your valuable memories, so it makes sense that the more you exercise your brain the stronger and the longer it retains those memories. Brain exercise also allows for more creativity to flow, think at a faster rate, and improves your concentration. In the book from DR. Marie Pasinsiki of Harvard Medical School entitled “Boost your Brain Power!”, she suggested many exercises for the brain:

  1. Memorize a new thing every day – whether it be a new phone number, a new name, a new address, a new script, or a new quote!
  2. Read every day – this is a core activity for brain, read voraciously.
  3. Write every day – preferably 10 mins or 20 mins in the morning or before you hit the hay.
  4. Most interestingly, DR Marie also advised to have a physical exercise as a part of your daily routine to pump the blood to our brain more often, to transport more oxygen, and surprisingly it will make  you much more creative!

Muslims are encouraged to recite Qur’an often, not only every day but as many as possible. According to Surah Al Isra ayah 82, ALLAH The High and Most Gracious has said that Qur’an is As-shifa, or when translated it mean “Healer”. Reading Qur’an regularly and intensively has proven to heal brain issues such Alzheimers disease, memory loss, as well as brain shrinkage. ALLAH has said that the Qur’an is easy to learn according to Surah 54:17 , therefore we, Muslims, should always try to understand the content, reading the Tafsir, and memorise Ayah by Ayah.

According to my experience it has proven that practising to memorize the Surah of the Qur’an helps a lot to restore memory, recall old information faster, and you can talk continuously with almost no “umm” in between your statement. This helps a lot for your presentation skills and discussions. As a listener you may find it disturbing when the speaker has a lot of pauses in their speech. This becomes especially useful when you need to give lectures and need your listeners to follow you word for word.

Based on an experiment from Dr. Al Qodhi from Florida, US, he has proven that listening to Qur’an recital will return the brain cells to its equilibrum after disturbance from many noises or stresses during the day, while conversely listening to loud music will damage brain cells.

So to keep your brain healthy and powerful at all age, remember to read, write, memorise, exercise and listen to the qur’an.

Fasting: A Natural Cleanser


If you’re always getting sick every couple of weeks or you feel lacking of energy in your daily activities then it’s time to revolutionise your body. We at Healthier Basics believe that other than hydrating well (drinking H2O) or doing your bathroom business regularly too as a form to detoxify oneself – there is also the option of fasting to improve one’s health.

According to Jacqueline Whitehart in her book called ‘The complete 2-day fasting diet’ this new diet has life-changing results without the compromise of eating whatever you want. How is this done? Well, you are allowed to eat whatever in a week with the exception of two non consecutive days where you can only eat a maximum of 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men. Your diet during these two days ideally should consist of lean protein and veggies only. These 2 non consecutive days are when your body will process the detoxification.

Through fasting, your body naturally will produce energy directed towards 3 main things:

  1. Your Daily Activities.
  2. Detoxification (to cleanse your body and remove all toxics, so you will always be healthy).
  3. Digesting Food (to replenish energy).

When you eat large portions of food often (especially high in fat), your stomach will require to digest intensively before it can be fully transformed into the energy you need. Since your body is working hard to digest, it has lesser focus in removing toxics. The result? You will experience a lack of energy, hard to focus, and possibly get sick!

Fasting helps you to give time for your body to remove the toxics in your body and digest the food completely. All you need is only at least 8 hours with no food during the day, at least twice (non-consecutive days) a week. If not eating for that length of time is too challenging for you, then Jacqueline’s advice will suit you better by eating lean protein and veggies only during these 2 days at a maximum of 500/600 calories.

In Islam, we have even better advice from Qur’an and Hadith from Prophet Muhammad Pbuh for Fasting, Muslims are required to fast as our obligation during Ramadhan period and to do Sunnah or Recommended fasting on every Monday and Thursday, or Three consecutive days every mid of the month, or even Alternate Day (Prophet David pbuh) Fasting.

The Messenger of God said, “Fast one day and give up fasting for a day and that is the fasting of Prophet David and that is the best fasting” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 31, Number 197)

Alternate Day fasting is also famous as The Every Other Day diet introduced by Dr Kista Varady and Bill Gotlieb which is believed to reduce weight constantly after 4 weeks to reach your optimal size with the least painful diet as you eat normally at day 1 and limit your calories at day 2, and then repeat.

Whatever type of fasting you choose, it is naturally the best detoxification method known to men to keep you lean and healthy!


Rise and Shine


Waking up early, even during weekends, has been the key of success for many prominent leaders. In the book “What the most successful people do before breakfast” written by Laura Vanderkam, she wrote about James Citrin (who co-leads North American Board) and CEO Practice Spencer Stuart who will exercise  by 6 am, and uses morning time to reflect important priorities. Steve Reinemund, the former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo also was up at 5 am to run, pray and read. While Gretchen Rubin, the author of bestselling book The Happiness Project, gets up at 6 am and does prioritisation work and plan her day for scheduling and logistical activities. According to Roy F. Baumeister in his book with John Tierney, “Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength” – when you wake up in the morning, your willpower is still at its freshest, thus you will be more likely to start new positive habits to improve yourself day by day. Small tweaks in your morning will result tremendous change when you do it overtime.

There are a lot of activities that many successful people do before 6 am that brings change to him/herself and their families, such as reading holy scriptures, meditating, writing books, working out, trying new recipes for cooking, cuddling with their kids, and just simply having early breakfast together.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said to bless his ummah: “O Allah, bless my nation in their early mornings (i.e. what they do early in the morning)” (Sunan Ibn Majah: You may compare the habit of those successful people in the world to what Muslims should do to start the day according to Qur’an:
Perform the Salat (Prayer) from midday till the darkness of the night, and recite the Qur’an in the early dawn. Verily, the recitation of the Qur’an in the early dawn is ever witnessed (attended by the angels).” [Qur’an 17:78]. Those successful people have found that meditating, exercising Yoga and reading verses of holy scriptures early in the morning has given great benefit during the day. This correlates to Muslims early morning prayers (Salat Subuh) and reciting our holy scriptures (The Koran). These acts seek guidance from Allah from the Qur’an, build our focus in Salat, and perform self-reflection in our Zikir to start our day.

So, let’s get up early to shine your day!


Sleep Tight, Sweet dreams


Having trouble in getting quality sleep at night? Easy!

  1. Limit your dinner to a small portion so your body can focus its energy on what’s truly important for you – restoring your cells. This will make you feel more rejuvenated when you wake up in the morning.
  2. Still got those late night snack attacks? Go on ahead as long as it’s at least an hour before you hit the hay! Take simple carbs instead of complex sugar. For example take banana instead of rice, opt for a tall glass of water rather than an alcoholic drink or sweetened drinks. This will make your tummy full but it is easy and fast to digest.
  3. Take a short nap at mid-day. Take a break and sleep during the day for 15 to a max  of 45 mins. Nap restores some energy used for early day activities, increase your focus, strengthen your memory, and spark more creativity. Taking a nap will help the brain to enter deep sleep state faster at night.
  4. Sleep early. Your body has a natural cycle to start your day, take a break and sleep. The better you follow the timing, the better your sleep at night. Recommended time to sleep is around 9pm to at a maximum of 10 pm, and get up at 4am or 5am. Your body has 3 stages of sleep activity, first one is to complete digestion, second is to restore energy and the last stage is to perform detoxification. Wake up refreshed as you complete all stages at night!

Healthy Tummy


Want to have healthier tummy ? Try these helpful tips!

  1. Before your first meal, start the day with exercising such as fast-walking, jogging, running, swimming, anything that helps to heat up your body, and make your heart work above normal pace. These exercises should help to boost your metabolism, and make your digestion to work “faster” throughout the day.
  2. You can still eat whatever you want, just do it with lesser portion and eat more frequently. Change from 3 big meals to 4, 5, or 6 smaller meals – this will help you to give more time to your tummy to “break down” your food.
  3. You can eat whatever you want, but follow the 5/2 per week principle: 5 days of normal eating and 2 non-consecutive days of fasting (stop eating at least 8 – 12 hours from morning to evening). If you are not a fan of fasting, try the 5:2 diet by Jacqueline Whiteheart. Choose 2 days (not in a row) which you eat only 500/600 calories in a day.

Fasting is the most effective and natural way created by God for detoxification. Less toxic = happier tummy!