best diet

According to the Best Man in the World

Ever heard about Diet that offers no restriction, a diet that does not a specific product to consume, a diet that you can do at your own pace while still losing weight, a diet that does not need calories counting, a diet that is healing and cleansing so you have more life expectancy, a diet that is simple (literally!), cheap, and easy to follow, and finally a diet that make you do not want to come back to your old habit even if you want to!

Let’s talk about it further. According to Aragon M.S. The Men’s Health Nutrition Advisor, the best diet is a diet that can help you lose weight, build muscle, and live longer. Is that kind of diet even existed? Many people have claimed that their diet invention could help an individual to lose weight and reach a healthy state. However many people have also claimed that it needs huge willpower to sustain the lifestyle, as it is not easy to get the food you need, or you need a specific product to consume to make your diet successful. Those restrictions that we find in famous diet lifestyle also drains our willpower so we do not really enjoy our meal time. For many people who don’t get the expected result usually fail to follow the diet in the middle, or only follow partly since it is almost impossible to cook or to get the required ingredients to follow the calories requirement anytime, anywhere. Another fact that we can find in many famous diet is that you need to have specific food which dominant in certain nutrition but limiting another food thus lacking of other nutrition.

The Diet I will share in this e-book is not a new diet, and it has existed since at least 14 centuries ago. It was originated from Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (pbuh) who is claimed as the Most Influential Person in Men history, and the Healthiest man ever alive. He was only sick twice throughout his life, was always in an ideal weight, fit and well posture. What i am writing in this book is introducing the secret of The Messenger pbuh lifestyle and diet that had been proven working since many centuries ago even until now. Most importantly is i will show you how you can follow the diet step by step at your own pace.

There is no instant success to get what you aim for, you need commitment and hard work. Everything starts small first and grow. This is also the principle I applied in this book so it is easy to follow. This book combines research result, experts’ opinion, Nutritionist, also the Islamic Medical Therapist (Ibn Nabawy). Many has realised the benefit of this Diet, so we believe you will too!