Think Positively

Brain is an organ that we can control. Did you know that It is not brain which can control our behaviour or our willpower, but our heart. Yes, brain has  nerves to store memory based on past experiences, or getting thicker in certain part that has dominance in our life based on talent, or our interest such as music, logical thinking, or muscle memories (e.g. for athletes who have practiced for so long that it automates their movement in sport), but brain cannot decide alone. Brain needs trigger which comes from our heart.

We think with our heart, whatever happens to our life is 20% based on external situation but 80% based on our reaction (or we always perceive this as our “decision”) pertaining to the external situation happening to us. When we want to be successful than we need to think as a successful person. When we want to move forward then we need to think forward. We need to think where we want to be and keep adjusting our thinking when we reach our milestone, to reach another milestone. Stephen Covey through his Book, 7th Habit of Highly Effective People said to Begin with End in mind, which means your action should be determined based on your end vision. When you decide your perfect Sunday is to complete reading one  personal development book, then your brain will find ways to read the book. Keep reinforcing that vision when you are distracted to stay in course and you will find that you are done with the book!

Positive thinking creates positive attitude that creates positive habit, it all begins from how you think. Start with thinking for your dream, and then start taking small action, develop the small actions into bigger actions through continuous improvement every time you take an action to reach your dream. When you want to reduce your weight by 25 kg by end of the year then start taking new small action in the next morning. Wake up earlier by 5 mins to exercise. Start with walk more steps, and then the next week wake up earlier by 10 mins to jog, and then further 15 mins earlier to run. Build your willpower slowly to reduce weight with small steps, and keep the positive thinking that you can do it. The smaller step you take, the easier you can maintain consistency and discipline to act on new habit to reach your goal.

Rasulullah pbuh mentioned to always pray to ALLOH the Highest and Merciful to reach your dream. Qur’an also mentions for us to pray as ALLOH will grant our will, through Al Mu’min ayah 60 “Call Me and I shall respond to you”. Praying encourages hope and optimism for Muslim. Regular praying creates new confidence as we rely more and more to ALLOH. New confidence creates new nerves in your brain, which according to Roy F Baumeister and John Tierney in their book, Willpower: Why Self Control is the Secret of Success, the thicker the nerves the easier for you to take action to reach our dream until the action becomes automatic then you don’t even have to use your willpower as it becomes new habit. When you pray that you can pass an examination, then you will have more confidence to prepare the exam and diligently study until you are fully prepared. Remember, ALLOH measures our effort and always gives best result to His servant who does his best and tawwakal (rely the final result to ALLOH).

dr. Ali Toha Assegaf stated in his book 365 Healthy Tips according to Rasulullah, The more positive our thinking, the lesser qalbu diseases in our heart (negative attitude that triggers illness) such as arrogance, jealousy, and pessimism. These attitudes trigger depression and overwhelming stress, threatening the kidneys, lunges and heart that potentially leads to stroke .

Worry not, we have ALLOH SWT who will always help us, fulfil our needs and relieve our pains, as long as we keep positive, do our best, and pray. Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us), Qur’an Al ‘Imran 173.

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