The Water Unseen

Our body contains more than 70% of water, thus very critical component that regulates all organs. According to dr. Mohammad Ali Toha Assegaf in his book Smart and Healthy in Islam Way, water hydrates us, help us maintain our metabolism, promote detoxification, and cells’ restoration.

Beside hydrating us, Dr Masaru Emote also wrote in his book, The True Power of Water, water could also help us for healing therapy and impacts directly to smallest subatomic component of cells which cause disease and cure us faster, and without any side effect. How cool is that?!

While it is more commonly known that cancer can be cured with chemotherapy which is expected to kill cancer cells, but at the same time healthy cells are also damaged or even killed, and negatively impacts to us with hair loss, weakening antibody, and muscles deformation . Alternative medication with water therapy is believed to cure many diseases including cancer without all the symptoms of above. Scientist has proven that if we play continuous calm and soothing sound nearby the water, such as classical music or natural sound of trees, whales,  or mountain, the structure of water will form a very beautiful crystal. Usually the therapist will always add with positive enforcement words such as “Yes you can be cured!” or “Let’s get better” to the water, and with continuous prayer concentrated to the water,  patients with cancer drink that beautifully-crystallised water will strengthen healthy cells in the body to fight against cancer cells. Insya ALLOH

Based on the pictures posted by Dr Masaru Emoto, water responded to words, sounds, and thought and emotion. It is far from inanimate, it is alive. The Highest and Merciful, ALLOH has said in Qur’an Al Anbiya 30:

Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, and We separated them and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?

My experience has been very positive with water helping to cure illness for myself, my wife and children. Here are some tips that are already proven, at least for me, many times:

  1. When your family ask your help to bring glass of water, don’t return the request by ask them to do it themselves, but immediately use this opportunity to recite Al Fatihah while pouring the water from Dispenser. The water will be healthier and impact positively to our family. Thanks to my friend, Mas Andi Maulana for sharing this tips.
  2. When you want to prepare hot water for your kids to take a bath, you may also recite Al Fatihah to the water, but remember do not do it in the bathroom.
  3. When you or your family has stomachache, immediately take honey at least 2 tablespoon and recite AL Fatihah 7x to your water and drink it. If you get diarrhoea then do the above every time you finish your bathroom business.
  4. When you or your family have fever, immediately recite Al Fatihah 1x to the water and then drink it, and then take 2 tablespoon of honey. After that, prepare another 2 glasses of warm water and recite Al Fatihah 1x, Al Ikhlash 3x, Al Falaq 1x, An Nas 1x, Ayah Kursi 1x and then take one glass to drink, and put the water to a towel to make it damp and wipe it all over your body. Do that again when you still feel the fever higher.

Water is critical to our body, here are some tips from Lutfil Kirom Az-Zumaro in his book “The Miracle of Water with Qur’an Prayer” how use water for our health:

  1. Drink 8 – 10 glasses of room temperature water every day. Avoid cold water as much as possible it will ruin the digestion process. I suggest to take cold water only when you have empty stomach but when your body is not heated (after taking a hot water bathing, or exercise, or from hot weather outdoor)
  2. Combine water therapy and prayers when you are sick. This creates stronger dependence to The Ultimate Healer ALLOH. There is no healing but from God.
  3. Always Thank to God on Water as one of the most important creature, preserve and use wisely. Rain is a blessing to us, always praise God and pray during rain.
  4. Drink only when you sit down. This position is healthier, more comfortable and fresh as the water will flow down gently from your throat and to your stomach. Rasulullah The Messenger pbuh said “I forbade you to drink when you are standing up” (HR. Muslim). Although there is other hadith saying that it is not totally forbidden to drink while standing, but I believe it is a clear message that better to drink while sitting.

Enough to say, water is not only an ordinary material, it is alive, it brings so much benefit, has extra-ordinary power and magical wonders to our live.

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