Light up your brain!


The brain is an essential organ and acts like the mastermind that regulates the body’s functions. Like other muscles in your body, you also need to exercise your brain. The brain stores your valuable memories, so it makes sense that the more you exercise your brain the stronger and the longer it retains those memories. Brain exercise also allows for more creativity to flow, think at a faster rate, and improves your concentration. In the book from DR. Marie Pasinsiki of Harvard Medical School entitled “Boost your Brain Power!”, she suggested many exercises for the brain:

  1. Memorize a new thing every day – whether it be a new phone number, a new name, a new address, a new script, or a new quote!
  2. Read every day – this is a core activity for brain, read voraciously.
  3. Write every day – preferably 10 mins or 20 mins in the morning or before you hit the hay.
  4. Most interestingly, DR Marie also advised to have a physical exercise as a part of your daily routine to pump the blood to our brain more often, to transport more oxygen, and surprisingly it will make  you much more creative!

Muslims are encouraged to recite Qur’an often, not only every day but as many as possible. According to Surah Al Isra ayah 82, ALLAH The High and Most Gracious has said that Qur’an is As-shifa, or when translated it mean “Healer”. Reading Qur’an regularly and intensively has proven to heal brain issues such Alzheimers disease, memory loss, as well as brain shrinkage. ALLAH has said that the Qur’an is easy to learn according to Surah 54:17 , therefore we, Muslims, should always try to understand the content, reading the Tafsir, and memorise Ayah by Ayah.

According to my experience it has proven that practising to memorize the Surah of the Qur’an helps a lot to restore memory, recall old information faster, and you can talk continuously with almost no “umm” in between your statement. This helps a lot for your presentation skills and discussions. As a listener you may find it disturbing when the speaker has a lot of pauses in their speech. This becomes especially useful when you need to give lectures and need your listeners to follow you word for word.

Based on an experiment from Dr. Al Qodhi from Florida, US, he has proven that listening to Qur’an recital will return the brain cells to its equilibrum after disturbance from many noises or stresses during the day, while conversely listening to loud music will damage brain cells.

So to keep your brain healthy and powerful at all age, remember to read, write, memorise, exercise and listen to the qur’an.

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