Fasting: A Natural Cleanser


If you’re always getting sick every couple of weeks or you feel lacking of energy in your daily activities then it’s time to revolutionise your body. We at Healthier Basics believe that other than hydrating well (drinking H2O) or doing your bathroom business regularly too as a form to detoxify oneself – there is also the option of fasting to improve one’s health.

According to Jacqueline Whitehart in her book called ‘The complete 2-day fasting diet’ this new diet has life-changing results without the compromise of eating whatever you want. How is this done? Well, you are allowed to eat whatever in a week with the exception of two non consecutive days where you can only eat a maximum of 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men. Your diet during these two days ideally should consist of lean protein and veggies only. These 2 non consecutive days are when your body will process the detoxification.

Through fasting, your body naturally will produce energy directed towards 3 main things:

  1. Your Daily Activities.
  2. Detoxification (to cleanse your body and remove all toxics, so you will always be healthy).
  3. Digesting Food (to replenish energy).

When you eat large portions of food often (especially high in fat), your stomach will require to digest intensively before it can be fully transformed into the energy you need. Since your body is working hard to digest, it has lesser focus in removing toxics. The result? You will experience a lack of energy, hard to focus, and possibly get sick!

Fasting helps you to give time for your body to remove the toxics in your body and digest the food completely. All you need is only at least 8 hours with no food during the day, at least twice (non-consecutive days) a week. If not eating for that length of time is too challenging for you, then Jacqueline’s advice will suit you better by eating lean protein and veggies only during these 2 days at a maximum of 500/600 calories.

In Islam, we have even better advice from Qur’an and Hadith from Prophet Muhammad Pbuh for Fasting, Muslims are required to fast as our obligation during Ramadhan period and to do Sunnah or Recommended fasting on every Monday and Thursday, or Three consecutive days every mid of the month, or even Alternate Day (Prophet David pbuh) Fasting.

The Messenger of God said, “Fast one day and give up fasting for a day and that is the fasting of Prophet David and that is the best fasting” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 31, Number 197)

Alternate Day fasting is also famous as The Every Other Day diet introduced by Dr Kista Varady and Bill Gotlieb which is believed to reduce weight constantly after 4 weeks to reach your optimal size with the least painful diet as you eat normally at day 1 and limit your calories at day 2, and then repeat.

Whatever type of fasting you choose, it is naturally the best detoxification method known to men to keep you lean and healthy!


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