Sleep Tight, Sweet dreams


Having trouble in getting quality sleep at night? Easy!

  1. Limit your dinner to a small portion so your body can focus its energy on what’s truly important for you – restoring your cells. This will make you feel more rejuvenated when you wake up in the morning.
  2. Still got those late night snack attacks? Go on ahead as long as it’s at least an hour before you hit the hay! Take simple carbs instead of complex sugar. For example take banana instead of rice, opt for a tall glass of water rather than an alcoholic drink or sweetened drinks. This will make your tummy full but it is easy and fast to digest.
  3. Take a short nap at mid-day. Take a break and sleep during the day for 15 to a max  of 45 mins. Nap restores some energy used for early day activities, increase your focus, strengthen your memory, and spark more creativity. Taking a nap will help the brain to enter deep sleep state faster at night.
  4. Sleep early. Your body has a natural cycle to start your day, take a break and sleep. The better you follow the timing, the better your sleep at night. Recommended time to sleep is around 9pm to at a maximum of 10 pm, and get up at 4am or 5am. Your body has 3 stages of sleep activity, first one is to complete digestion, second is to restore energy and the last stage is to perform detoxification. Wake up refreshed as you complete all stages at night!

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